Posted by: Larry | September 4, 2008

How do I find my passion?

I get this questions from time to time when I talk to people about Maddogleadership. Finding your passion in life is a exploration process. I encourage junior high and high school students to start this early. But a college student or someone mid-career can do this as well.

You need to explorer the talents, skills and desires you have. For instance if you think you would like to be a tennis instructor find a tennis instructor to talk to. Network. Ask friends or family if they know of anyone that teaches tennis full or part time. Once you find that tennis instructor talk to them about what they do. The most important part is to job shadow them. Job shadowing is where you follow or “shadow” someone in their day to day job activities to get a idea of what their job is all about.

When exploring your passion and potential career opportunities talk to as many people as you can. The more you learn about a career or a professional field the better you will understand it and know that is something you want to dedicate your time to. Some careers require extensive training after completing several years of college. By exploring and talking to people about a particular field or career you will know the training required for that career.

What ever your passion requires you will do you will do it. When people are working in their passion even the mundane parts of a job are worth it. You may not like to do the boring parts of your job but doing them allows you to work in your passion, which makes it all worth the hard work.


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