Posted by: Larry | March 30, 2009

Come on Already – Quit Dreaming and Just Do IT!!

Wow it is 12:22 am on Monday March 30, 2009. I am tired but I am not going to be just yet.  The past 2 and a half days have been a whirl wind and a great experience.  See I attended Start-up weekend Detroit.  I didn’t know anyone. I did not know what to expect.  And to be quite honest… I was a little nervous going in.  See I am a mechanical engineer turned finance guy with a little web, html, java script experience.  I knew my “Kung Fu” in web-design was not that great.  You know what…?  It did not matter.

I had an idea, my pitch was to create a website where shoppers could enter in their grocery list and the website would sort the list to what aisle the shopper needed to go down.  I did not know if my idea would fly.  Guess what,  my idea did fly 4 team members joined me and a 5th one came over on Saturday.  And my Kwik Shopper transformed into Aisle Walker.


The Lesson

What I learned from this weekend was your idea does not have to be perfect to pitch it to someone.  And sometimes you have to take a risk to get a reward. Randy Adams, the CEO of said it best “An idea that is in your head is just an idea”  that summed it up my kwik shopper idea.  By attending Startup Weekend Detroit, in less than 48 hours me and a team of 4 guys created the back-end, the logo and site layout and a strategic plan to have live by the end of next week.

If you are planning on going to a future Startup weekend go, pitch your idea. Who knows your next pitch may set you free.

Good Luck and keep jammin’


I have to give credit to Chris Kaufman at for providing the awesome photoshop mockups of


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