Posted by: Larry | December 21, 2009

Give a Facebook friend a real hug

I just got back from Kroger and realized that I did not say hello to anyone, I didn’t interact with a human.  I saw people. I paid for my groceries at a e-z scan.  I had to walk through the store from one end to the other to pick up milk, bread, cheese, eggs for an omelet tomorrow morning.

Is Facebook, twitter, Linked-In, FreindFeed, WordPress, “social networking” make us less social?  Are we becoming a less “social” society due to the time we spend on-line?

I think to some degree we are becoming less social through on-line social networks.  At work if you have a difficult person to deal with would you rather email them or IM?  Call them that would be to difficult! Much less video chat with them.  For me, I prefer  to go to someone’s desk.   I like people and if you want something done fast get it done in person.  I want to see people, talk to them ask them how their day is going and how their family is doing.  Yeah we can do that on Facebook or Yammer, but it is not the same. You can’t hear inflection of someone’s voice in a Facebook comment.

Think about this.  As humans we need real human to human interaction.  Here is some scientific proof that humans need to touch.  If we didn’t touch each other, the human species would eventually go extinct.   Social networking is great, and when you are trying to make it to a birthday party on time e-z scan at the grocery store helps.

Use on-line social networks to keep in touch, but don’t let them substitute for face to face interaction.  Just remember sometimes it is great to just say hi and better yet this time of year Merry Christmas!

Let me know your thoughts, thanks for reading.  Merry Christmas!


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