Posted by: Larry | August 20, 2008

What if they had Twitter in the Bible?

I have been using twitter for a few months now. I don’t post on it all the time but I have fun with it. Monday I played on my golf league and I tweeted about my round during my round. I try to be entertaining when I use twitter.

Anyway I had this idea when I was reading the bible with my daughter. What if twitter existed during biblical times. Don’t get to technical on me, just enjoy this idea. I know that the Internet would have to exist and a whole host of other things…like electricity. Just have fun.

Here are some twitter posts I think that would be written during biblical times.

Jonah: I just got out of a whale. Rotting seaweed really sinks- worse than my camel.

Joseph: Okay I am in a pit, cause my brothers have no vision. Help. I am learning don’t share your vision or dreams with anyone that has no forward thinking… HELP!! (Joseph used his iPhone since he was in the pit)

Benaiah: Just killed a Lion in a pit this morning. O yea, it is snowing a lot. I am going to build a snow fort with the kids later. (2 Samuel 23:20)

Maybe these are not exactly what the men or women in the Bible would post. But you get the idea. What do you think the people of the bible would post on twitter?

Have fun with it and keep it clean!

Posted by: Larry | August 20, 2008

Welcome to Maddog Leadership

Hello and welcome to Maddog Leadership! This is a place I hope will help you grow into a great leader and help you find your passion in life. I came up with Maddog Leadership concept when I was preparing for a local high school career day. I wanted something for the students to grab on to and I came up with Maddog Leadership or MDL as I like to call it. It , is about passion, vision and focus.

Finding your passion
Historically, we go through school and pick a “career” or job from what is already established in the workplace. You could be a lawyer, doctor, plumber, bus driver… You get the picture. Well, there is more to life than cookie cutter jobs. We all have a passion for something…sitting on the couch does not count!! Sometimes it is nice to just sit, but there is more to life than just sitting. YOU need to follow your passion– your calling or as Owen Wilson said in ”You me and Dupree”….”You need to find your ness!”

What’s your vision…20/20?
This is my favorite part…”playing in the sand box” where you get to create your future. How will your passion impact your life and others? How do you see yourself using your passion in life? Sometimes this is somewhat straight forward and other times it takes time, but you are not alone. Ask your mom and dad, uncles, aunts, teachers…even the mailman if they know anything about your passion. This way you can learn more and more about how your passion can impact the world!!

Focusing your vision
This is where the “rubber hits the road”. At this stage you are planning out your road map. You know your passion…you have your vision…now how do I get there? Remember you are not alone; use this website and others to ask for help. Sometimes this focusing plan could be 10 years or more before you reach your desired destination. In this stage you are planning on what school you need to go to for training or what classes you need to finish if you already have some college under your belt. Make a detailed plan or road map with dates and times. Of course this plan can be adjusted and changed since nothing is in stone or not flexible. Get a focused plan together that will act as a roadmap to achieving your goal…working in or with your passion!!!

Good Luck and Godspeed,


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